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Discover the endless possibilities of using our fashion cork fabrics: Digital and Transfer Prints, Embossed, Perforated and Lasered

One of the most asked questions is…Can cork fabric be print? The answer is yes. We are specialized in the production of printed cork fabrics. Inside our line, we offer a wide range of prints, such as embossing, digital prints, transfer prints, Hand made finishing, metalizing and special color-dye techniques which give the cork fabric a unique and exclusive design. Cork fabric is produced in rolls of height 140 cm or in panels of 100 x 140 cm. Standard rolls are 25 or 50 meters long. The main application of those special materials is in the fashion industry, where are used for making bags, shoes, small leather-goods, labels, etc..

Technical features:

  • Surface: original layer of natural cork

  • Backings: coagulated PU fabric
  • Binding agent: certified OEKOTEX adhesive

  • Size: roll of height 140 cm

  • Thickness: from 0,75 mm
  • Included! Surface treatment: mixed waterbased polyurethane and waxes

Technical Data Sheets:


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Can cork fabric be print?


Transfer Prints

Transfer Prints

Metallic prints

Digital Prints

Digital Prints

Discover our Lasered and Perforated cork fabrics!


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