Lasered Cork

Discover the endless possibilities of using our Perforated and Lasered cork fabrics

Combining the tradition of the lace and macramé fabrics with the sustainability of natural cork and through the sophisticated process and bonding techniques, we obtain a fantastic new material “Cork lace”. Mr. Leonello Villani invention is found in the collection of many leading designers and fashion brands allowing them to create unique and exclusive products. Cork lace is produced in rolls of height 130 cm. The main application of those special materials is in the fashion industry, where are used for making bags and shoes, but also find applications in the home furnishing industry.

Technical features:

  • Surface: original layer of natural cork

  • Finishing : perforated or laser cut
  • Binding agent: certified OEKOTEX adhesive

  • Backings: polyester, viscose, and nylon
  • Size: roll of height 140 cm


By clicking on the link below you can view and download the catalog in pdf format

Following images are some of our proposals:

ART. 5246TS

ART. 5209TS

ART. 5211TS

Discover our Cork combined with Tencel fiber!


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