Flexible Stone

Flexible Stone Veneer is a product made out of genuine natural slate stone, ultra flexible and light-weight with a textile backing

We are glad to announce this new product from original layers of rocks. This extremely thin stone is supported by a fleece made of cellulose fibers. The backing used gives enough strength and flexibility.

The material is a genuine natural stone surface and it is served in size of 1220 x 610 mm. The material has a total thickness of 0.6 mm approx.

An ultra flexible and resistant material made of real stone that can be used for the same application of a wood veneer, such us : wallcovering , interior decoration, furnishings. As this material is a genuine natural product, stone characteristics such as color, texture and type vary. There’s no design repeat,in fact color and texture variations are the property and inherent part of the natural beauty of this unique material.

VILLANI LEONELLO Stone Technology offers the benefit of:

    • Unsurpassed beauty, feel and performance of natural stone

    • Thinnest stone in the world

    • Natural product – The LAMINATED STONE surface is 100% natural slate stone, each stone sheet is unique

    • Made from slate stone, one of the hardest’s stones known to man

    • Easy to Cut : with scissor or cutter

    • Easy to apply : all types of adhesive can be used

    • Multiple market segment : Wallcovering, Furnishing , Designers, Cabinet and Woodworking manufacturer, Automotive, Naval-nautical, Contract

    • Flexible! Its high flexibility allows it to be wrapped around extreme curves,columns and difficult profiles.

    Technical Data Sheets:

    Natural Stone Veneer

    In these photos our range of flexible stone veneer available with cellulose paper backing or microfiber textile backing.

    Ref.Alpha Centauri



    Ref. Mizars

    Ref. Sirius

    Ref. Vega

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