Cork Fabrics

Cork fabrics for use in the manufacturing of shoes, bags, small leathergoods and upholstery
The production consists by adhering thin slices of natural cork onto fabric or different support. Laminated Natural Cork bonded onto fabric is also known as cork fabric or cork leather. The cork fabric can be used for the same applications of leather or textiles: shoes and leather goods manufacturing, furnishing, and bookbinding. We produce laminated cork bonded onto a large variety and types of supports. The production follows specific recipes based on the characteristics to give to the material such as visual qualities, particular characteristics of hand, or technical characteristics.

The material is offered in a wide range of natural textures, colors, treatments and prints, such as embossing, laser marking, perforations, digital prints, transfer prints, Hand made finishing, metalizing and special color-dye techniques which give the cork a unique and exclusive design Our technology and experience let us offer a product that is extremely flexible, soft and resistant. 

Cork is dyed and waxed with water-based chemicals and synthetic materials which are used to achieve certain product characteristics.

The main objectives include respect for the environment and consumer-friendliness. This is achieved by using natural raw materials and completely non-toxic components. The majority of the raw and auxiliary materials used in the production of our cork fabrics are of natural origin.

For the production of cork fabric no heavy metals or their compounds, organic solvents, mineral fibers, or formaldehyde are used. Villani Leonello’s cork fabrics are free from substances that could cause harm to the environment or health. Cork fabric is produced in rolls of height 140 cm or in panels of 100 x 140 cm. Standard rolls are of 25 or 50 meters length

Technical features:

  • Surface: original layer of natural cork

  • Backings: coagulated PU fabric, cotton fabric, polyester fabric, etc..

  • Binding agent: certified OEKOTEX adhesive

  • Size: roll of height 140 cm

  • Thickness: from 0,4 to 1,1 mm (depending by the backing used)

  • Surface treatment (Optional): mixed waterbased polyurethane and waxes

What can be made with cork fabric?




Car Interiors

Car Interiors



Small Leather Goods



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